Group-Photo-WebThe IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group is a voluntary network of experts from around the world including field biologists, social scientists, zoologists, veterinarians, ecologists and geneticists, all of whom are actively involved in pangolin research and conservation.

We are an advisory body to IUCN and currently have around 130 members from 25 countries around the globe.

The Pangolin Specialist Group was re-established in February 2012 in recognition of the widespread threats to pangolins globally and to address the lack of understanding of the species and their conservation needs.


Our Mission

The Pangolin Specialist Group’s mission is to:

To work within the framework of the IUCN SSC to secure a future for wild pangolins through advancing knowledge on pangolin status, threats and conservation priorities, and by catalysing action to conserve them.



The Pangolin Specialist Group’s overarching objective is to serve as leaders in pangolin conservation globally by:

  • Assessing the conservation status of pangolins for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
  • Providing advice to IUCN and other conservation stakeholders
  • Catalysing and undertaking scientific research to learn more about pangolins, the nature and severity of their threats, and to devise appropriate conservation actions
  • Contributing to multilateral environmental agreements on pangolin related issues (e.g. CITES)
  • Developing global conservation strategies and supporting the development of species-specific, national and regional conservation strategies
  • Providing technical support to pangolin research and conservation projects and advising on captive husbandry, rescue and release protocols.



Dr. Daniel W. S. Challender

Darren Pietersen
Helen Nash
Keri Parker
Lisa Hywood
Paul Thomson
Thai Van Nguyen

Programme Officer & IUCN Red List Authority Co-ordinator: Carly Waterman
Research Intern: Jasmin Willis

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Pangolin Specialist Group, please click here to find out more.



We are extremely grateful to the following for their support:

Institutional supporters
Zoological Society of London – hosts the Pangolin Specialist Group

Financial supporters
Zoological Society of London – funds our part-time Programme Officer, Research Intern and designed and hosts the Pangolin Specialist Group website
Wildlife Reserves Singapore – hosted the first Pangolin Specialist Group Conservation Conference in June 2013

First Pangolin Specialist Group Conservation Conference, Singapore, 2013
Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
Houston Zoo
San Antonio Zoo

First Pangolin Range States Meeting
United States Fish and Wildlife Service – supported the attendance of members of the Pangolin Specialist Group at the First Pangolin Range States Meeting

We thank our former interns, Katie Wells, Lydia Katsis, Hannah Khwaja and Claire Buchan, and all of our individual donors for their ongoing support.



Click below to see a list of the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group members or visit the Member Projects page to find out more about their work protecting pangolins.

Fakhar Abbas, Pakistan
Gary Ades, Hong Kong
Hugues Akpona, Benin
Faraz Akrim, Pakistan
Nguyen The Truong An, Vietnam
Shaista Andleeb, Pakistan
Lucy Archer, UK
Masood Arshad, Pakistan
Jonathan Baillie, USA
Linh Bao, Cameroon
Maxwell Boakye, Ghana
Chris Brown, Namibia
Thomas Bruce, UK/Cameroon
Claire Buchan, UK
Francis Cabana, Singapore
Rod Cassidy, Central African Republic
Dan Challender, UK
Shavez Cheema, Brunei Darussalam
Jason Chin, Taiwan
Ju lian Chong, Malaysia
James Compton, Vietnam
Ellen Connelly, Zimbabwe
Tim Davenport, Tanzania
Paul de Ornellas, UK
Maria Diekmann, Namibia
Chhimi Dorji, Bhutan
Rebbecca Drury, UK
Will Duckworth, UK
Sarah Durant, UK
Louise Fletcher, Vietnam
Jeff Flocken, USA
Esua Fossung, Cameroon
Phillippe Gaubert, France
Animesh Ghose, Bangladesh
Lalita Gomez, Malaysia
Rajeev Goyd, Nepal
Thomas Gray, Malaysia
Alex Grioni, Hong Kong
Maja Gudehus, Central African Republic
Markus Handschuh, Cambodia
Martin Hega, Gabon
Sean Heighton, South Africa
Sarah Heinrich, Australia
Douglas Hendrie, Vietnam
Rachel Hoffmann, UK
Ruben Holland, Germany
Reg Hoyt, USA
Riaz Hussain, Pakistan
Lisa Hywood, Zimbabwe
Ichu Godwill Ichu, Cameroon
Dan Ingram, UK
Nausheen Irshad, Pakistan
Razak Jaffar, Singapore
Ray Jansen, South Africa
Jonas Kambale Nyumbu, Cameroon
Prativa Kaspal, Nepal
Bhau Katdare, India
Lydia Katsis, UK
Hem Katuwal, Nepal
Claude Mov Linkey Iflankoy Keboy, DR Congo
Ambika Khatiwada, Nepal
Hannah Khwaja, UK
Antoinette Kotze, South Africa
Alexis Kriel, South Africa
Kanitha Krishnasamy, Malaysia
Levita Lagrada, Philippines
Aakash Lamba, India
Tulshi Laxmi Suwal, Nepal
Jimmy Lee, Malaysia
Paige Lee, Singapore
Yang Li, China
Hongying Li, US/China
Norman Lim, USA/Singapore
Carla Louise Mousset Moumbolou, Gabon
Sonja Luz, Singapore
Tariq Mahmood, Pakistan
Paolo Martelli, Hong Kong
Karthi Martelli, Singapore/Hong Kong
Nick Marx, Cambodia
Jerry Mbi Kirensky, Cameroon
Nick Min, Taiwan
Russell Mittermeier, USA
Rajesh Mohapatra, India
Ara Monadjem, Swaziland
Olajumoke Morenikeji, Nigeria
Dana Morin, USA
Stewart Muir, UK
Helen Nash, Singapore
Bruno Nebe, Namibia
Elliot Newton, UK
Thai Van Nguyen, Vietnam
Sone Nkoke, Cameroon
Alegria Olmedo, UK
Annette Olsson, Cambodia
Helen O'Neill, UK
Wendy Panaino, South Africa
Elisa Panjang, Malaysia
Keri Parker, USA
Somanak Peov, Cambodia
Priyan Perera, Sri Lanka
Darren Pietersen, South Africa
Chris Ransom, UK
Madhu Rao, Singapore
Jaap Reijngoud, Holland
Peter Riger, USA
Scott Roberton, Vietnam
Sabine Schoppe, Philippines
Gono Semiadi, Indonesia
Jammejay Sethy, India
Debbie Shaw, UK
Chung Tong Shek, Hong Kong
Chris Shepherd, Canada
Wu Shi Bao, China
Matt Shirley, USA
Franklin Simo Talla, Cameroon
Olufemi Sodeinde, USA
Withoon Sodsai, Thailand
Durojaye Soewu, Nigeria
Wangchuk Sonam, Bhutan
Francis Tarla, Cameroon
Paul Thomson, USA
Scott Trageser, Bangladesh
Tessa Ullmann, Central African Republic
Diogo Verissimo, UK
Yifu Wang, China/UK
Carly Waterman, UK
Katie Wells, UK
Leanne Wicker, Vietnam/Australia
Daniel Willcox, Vietnam
Nicci Wright, South Africa
Ling Xu, China