Get Involved

You can support the Pangolin Specialist Group’s worldwide conservation efforts to conserve the eight pangolin species:

Make a Donation
Pangolins desperately need your help! Donate today to help secure their future.

Contribute Information
Please contact us if you can provide new field reports or any other data on species, regions or activities of interest to the PangolinSG. We also welcome photos or videos of pangolins for our resource library.

Become a Member
All PangolinSG members are volunteers. The group itself does not manage projects, but, in their individual capacities, group members are involved in the development and implementation of conservation programs and projects.

Membership to the PangolinSG is by invitation. Please contact us if you would like to be considered for PangolinSG membership. We are especially interested in new members from nations under-represented in the membership, and those who are focused on scientific research and/or conservation efforts for pangolins. Members are generally individuals who are:

• actively involved with pangolin conservation, research, management, education or trade;
• integrally involved in pangolin conservation policy or law;
• contribute to pangolin conservation and management.

Future Projects
Help make one of our future projects happen. Click here for more information.